How to Unlock Sony Ericson / XPeria Phones

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Make sure that the phone PROMPTS for an UNLOCK CODE. This service does not support phones that has device UNLOCK APP. Some T-Mobile, Metro PCS phones have DEVICE UNLOCK APP. For Unlock App phones, please visit T-Mobile Device Unlock App or MetroPCS Device Unlock App
You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your cellphone, you can also Verify your IMEI# from here
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Delivery Time for Sony Canada:
Bell / Virgin / Telus / Koodo: 12-36 hours (Also available in weekends)

Rogers / Fido / Chatr / Other Canadian Carriers: 1-3 Business Days (No weekends)

Delivery Time for Sony USA or Worldwide:
2-4 Business Days (No weekends)

Please read the following:

Before placing the order make sure that the phone counter is not blocked. Phones with blocked counter can not be unlock by code.

How to check the unlock counter:
1- Turn on the phone without a sim card, then press *#*#7378423#*#* from the phone’s keypad
2- Select Service Info and then Simlock If X is with Network and it is not 0 you can unlock your phone via code
If counter is showing “0” that means your phone is blocked and can not be unlock by code. In this case do not place the order.
3- If X is 0 or 255 or Unlimited your counter is locked and unlocking via code is not possible.

Don’t place the order in these cases:
(No refund in these cases)

(0) Network – 10 (it must be (X) Network )
(X) Network -0 (Blocked counter)
(X) Network -255 (Blocked counter)

How to Unlock Sony Ericson Phones
Unlock Sony Ericson Phone

Benefits of Unlock your Sony Ericson Phone with

— Easily switch between GSM cell phone service providers / carriers
— No worry about the cell phone contracts and their restrictions
— Higher resale value of the unlocked phone
— Save the roaming fees while travelling abroad
— No softwares or cables required for unlocking
— Easy to enter the unlock code in your Sony Ericson Phone