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Unlock IPhone AT&T in 5$ (CLEAN IMEI ONLY)

How to Unlock IPhones:

Please enter complete information

Phone Make:
Phone model:
Locked to/Current Carrier:
You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your cellphone, you can also Verify your IMEI# from here
Price (US $):
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IPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+ / 7 / 7+

Processing Time for IPhone Canada:
Rogers/Fido: 1-2 Business Days (No weekends / No holidays)
Bell/Virgin/Telus/Koodo: 1-2 Business Days

Processing Time for IPhone USA:
AT&T Clean Status: 1-3 Business Days (IPhone is out of contract)
AT&T Regular Service: 1-3 Business Days
Metro PCS / T-Mobile USA: 3-7 Business Days
Verizon USA: 2-5 Business Days
Cricket USA: 4-12 Business Days

Please read the following:

Your IPhone must be activated once by original carrier and make sure that you are applying in a right carrier.

The iPhone must not be reported lost / stolen / barred / blacklisted.

Phone must be connected with itunes within 24 hours of after receiving “Unlocked” message.

Icloud Password:

The iPhone must not be locked with Apple ID / Icloud Password, and if the iPhone does have Apple ID lock / Icloud Password, please make sure you know the password of the Apple ID to finish the unlocking process.

If you apply for an iphone unlock with an icloud password and you do not have the password with you then your phone will be unlocked but you won’t be able to use it. There will be no refund for this so make sure before ordering that icloud lock is disabled or customer has the password with them.

Unlocking Instructions:

For IPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+ / 7 / 7+

1. Turn off your iphone
2. Remove the current sim card and insert any other carrier sim card.
3. Turn on the iPhone,connected to wifi
4. Follow the instruction on the screen and your iphone will unlocked.
5. After you successful unlocked..Now you can either use the current ios or updated to the latest ios via wifi or iTunes.

For iPhone 4 / 4s

1- Once you received a Confirmation Email from us, insert a unaccepted SIM card into your IPhone
2- Connect your IPhone to iTunes using a USB cable
3- Follow the instructions on the screen
4- Your IPhone is unlocked

Sometimes you may need to update the iTunes software to the highest available version.

Clean IMEI:

There are some carriers / services which accept CLEAN IMEI only, in order to process the order.

CLEAN IMEI may include the following things:

  1. The device should not be reported lost or stolen
  2. You have to fulfill the requirements of your contract with your carrier, with no outstanding bills or any other charges
  3. There is no remaining payments left for your Device
  4. If you have upgraded your plan and want to unlock your previous device. Then you need to wait for 14 days before unlocking your previous device.
  5. Prepaid customers must be on an active plan for 6 months before unlocking their device.
  6. Postpaid customers should have an account which is being active from the last 60 days.

How to Unlock IPhones

Unlock IPhone

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