How to Unlock HTC Phones

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Make sure that the phone PROMPTS for an UNLOCK CODE. This service does not support phones that has device UNLOCK APP. Some T-Mobile, Metro PCS phones have DEVICE UNLOCK APP. For Unlock App phones, please visit T-Mobile Device Unlock App or MetroPCS Device Unlock App
You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your cellphone, you can also Verify your IMEI# from here
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HTC Worldwide

Delivery Time: 3-12 hours
(Also available in weekends)

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Make sure that the phone is asking for the unlock code after inserting non-accepted SIM card

This method unlock all HTC Phones around the world

Please do not post request of code if your phone comes from these below networks :

– Claro from all country (all models)
– Brasil Telecom, TIM & Vivo Brasil (all models)
– Movistar Chile & Equador (all models)
– Vodafone & Movistar Spain (all models)
– One Macedonia (all models)
– Neuf Telecom France (all models)
– ALL Network from Portugal (All Model)
– ALL Network from Austria (All Model)
– HTC S621 Excalibur from Telcel Mexico
– HTC Touch HD, HTC Hero and Tatoo from Orange UK
– HTC S710 & Vox from SFR France
– HTC S420 from Vodafone United Kingdom
– Qtek 9100 from Movistar Mexico
– HTC Fuze from AT&T

How to Unlock HTC Phones

Unlock HTC Phone

Benefits of Unlock your HTC Phone with

— Easily switch between GSM cell phone service providers / carriers
— No worry about the cell phone contracts and their restrictions
— Higher resale value of the unlocked phone
— Save the roaming fees while travelling abroad
— No softwares or cables required for unlocking
— Easy to enter the unlock code in your HTC Phone