Nokia Unlocking Instructions

How to enter an unlock code in Nokia phones


  1. Insert non-accepted SIM Card into device
  2. Power on the device
  3. When prompted enter the Unlock Code which we send you
  4. Device should be “successfully unlocked”


  1. Power ON your Nokia phone without the sim card
  2. For:
    • Rogers/Fido Canada Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#   OR Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+7#  
    • Other Canadian Network Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#  
    • At&t Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#  
    • T-Mobile Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#  
    • UK Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#  
    • Australia Nokia Phones: Type   #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1#  
  3. Your Nokia phone will show “SIM Restriction Off”
  4. Nokia phone should be “successfully unlocked”


UNLOCKCODE is the code provided by us
The letter P will appear after pressing the ( * ) button 3 times quickly
The letter W will appear after pressing the ( * ) button 4 times quickly
The letter + will appear after pressing the ( * ) button 2 times quickly


  1. Remove SIM CARD
  2. Type # from your phone’s keypad
  3. Then press the * key 3 times (you will get a “p”)
  4. Then press the * key 4 times (you will get a “w”)
  5. Then press the * key 2 times (you will get a “+”)
  6. Enter the unlock code provided by us
  7. Then press the * key 2 times(you will get a “+”)
  8. Then press 1 or 7 (Based on the phone’s carrier)
  9. Press #