Blackberry Unlocking Instructions

How to check that your old blackberry phones are unlocked or not:

Note: This method will apply on old models only

  1. On your blackberry phone, go to Options >> Advanced Options >> SIM Card
  2. Type MEPD or MEPPD on your keypad (nothing will show on the screen)
  3. Look for Network in the list
  4. If your phone is unlocked then it should say disabled or inactive

How to check that your Blackberry Q5 / Q10 / Z10 / Z30 phone is unlocked or not:

  1. On your blackberry phone, go to Settings >> Security and Privacy >> SIM Card
  2. Check Network, Network Subset, Service Provider
  3. If these options says Unlocked that means your phone is fully Unlocked

How to enter an unlock code in blackberry 9780 Bold, 9900 Bold, 9300, 9320 etc.:

  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM Card into your cell phone
  2. Power on the phone
  3. Phone will ask for MEP2 network
  4. Enter the Unlock Code which we send you
  5. Phone should be “successfully unlocked”

How to enter unlock code in Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30:

  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM Card into your cell phone
  2. Now insert battery and power ON your blackberry device
  3. Wait for the phone to finish loading
  4. Now go to: Settings > Security and Privacy > Sim card
  5. Once you are in the Sim Card menu, press “Unlock network”
  6. Phone will now ask for the “Network Unlock Code”
    (Caution! If your phone has 0 attempts left you cannot Unlock it anymore!
  7. Now enter the unlock code which is emailed to you
  8. Network Code Entered Successfully means it worked!

What is the difference between MEP2, MEP3, MEP4 and MEP5:

MEP2 is the Network Code
MEP3 is the Network Subset Code
MEP4 is the Service Provider Code
MEP5 is the Corporate Code